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Paws for thought

With a brand new factory in the middle of Kentucky’s ‘Japanese Valley’, Takigawa is aiming at turning profits from pets in North America.

Dominique Huret visits the new plant and reports in Pip January issue.

Blurred lines

When is a label not just a label ? When it is also a drinking cup. And that was not the only innovation blurring the boundaries between labels, flexibles and rigid packaging at Labelexpo Europe.

Dominique reports in Plastics in Packaging December 2019.

Big in Japan

Purported to be Japan’s first creative agency specialising in brand vision and identity, Bravis now has three subsidiaries in Asia and four sales offices.

Dominique Huret spent a day in Shibuya with its chief executive. February 2020 issue of Pip.

Radical thinking

As exhibits go, one Belgian company’s dazzling mannequin was definitely a showstopper at a recent Paris event, and its special-effect coatings and paints are bringing the Avant-garde to packaging.

Dominique Huret reports in Plastics in Packaging June 2019


From recycled PET to ‘code for luxury’.

Converting recycled plastics bottles into luxury packaging is an admirable ambition, but one French company is making it happen.

Sin Rejac story in Pip  September issue.

Plastics picnic at Hanging Rock

As PureCycle’s ultra-pure recycled polypropylene resin prepares to scale up, Dominique visits the company’s plant in Ohio to find out how it works.

October issue of Plastics in Packaging.

The future is not a gamble

Major brands are working hard in order to innovate and unleash the circular economy of plastics.

Dominique Huret visits Procter & Gamble’s US headquarters to find out more about its initiatives. Plastics in Packaging, January 20.

Gold and glitters in Paris

Three organizations joined forces to organize the second edition of ‘Les Canettes d’Or’ or “Golden Cans’. Dominique Huret,  reports on the latest developments in the French can making market. CanTech International, February issue.

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 Moral & social support in these challenging  Covid times.

Congratulations to the food & drinks entrepreneurs and their teams loyal to their posts. Together, they continue to keep production running and guarantee everyone's food supply while many have to stay home .Join us in supporting the #FoodHeroes campaign.


Bars and restaurants are closed, distilleries are locked and for millions of people, a drink with friends is suddenly no longer an option. Many players have already taken various support measures, either by supporting their staff or converting to produce disinfectant. We are proud of the warmth and responsibility of our sector. Spirits Europe


Together with Europen, we insist that packaging should be recognised by the EU and national governments as an essential part of the continued movement of goods during the pandemic.Packaging and its raw materials are essential to maintain the supply of food, hygiene and medicines for citizens across Europe. Europen



Our  latest  projects

Auditing 20 sites of a major American packaging converter.

A leading FMCG  brand owner asked its supplier plants to meet the new BRC and AuditOne standard.  The scope covered printed food contact and secondary cardboard  packaging.   

More from the press

Focus on the metal industry, from ADF PCD – Paris

Porte de Versailles, was the place to be for the metal packaging industry. Report by Dominique in CanTech International  March 2020.

Art of Chocolate : Belgian Masterclasses for Chocolate Professionals.

It is always refreshing to meet enthusiast entrepreneurs. Laurence Koutny is definitely one of them ! Dominique interviews her in Food Marketing & Technology, February issue.

 No smooth sailing ahead ! 

The packaging voyage has been a rocky one in recent months, with choppy waters and a fair number of sharks circling.

But printed packaging is one market that remains buoyant, as Dominique Huret explains in Pip June 2019