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Cape Decision can help you achieve worldwide standards of performance.

We work for institutions, governments and development agencies in various programs. These are co-financed by well known institutions and bilateral assistance agreements.

EU twinning project on food safety and waste prevention - Tunisia

Twinning is the mechanism whereby the EU seeks to assist partner countries in developing the  capacity needed  to implement the "acquis communautaire".

The Packtec lab in Tunis takes care of packaging quality.     More

Group of Fresh Food Producers

Sustainable Water Resource Strategy

Indian Ocean

To meet consumer’s increasing demand for sustainable fish products, we assessed the water usage performance of 7 major operators.

The current water usage were benchmarked against international best practices.  More

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Better use of resources, fair trade, industrial upgrades and know-how transfers are important concerns for Cape Decision. 

We are dedicated to contribute to a better world.

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