Packaging Cases

Packaging business cases

Algrafica - Dynamic paper trader 

In the heart of the Balkans, this paper trader aims at expanding his customer base outside Albania. The focus was on export plans,supply strategy and financial needs.

Import Substitution Strategy for Paper Packaging

In this locked country, the value of packaging imports doubles every 5 years, discouraging local players to compete with foreign imports.     The Ministry of Trade and Commerce wished to reverse this trend by developing a home-based country packaging strategy.

Some ground-work needed to be done before developing a business case for investors.  The project kicked-off by conducting a “reality check” using a previous feasibility study with macro-economical trade indicators.   

Then came the moment to assess market conditions by conducting interviews with operators.  Thirdly, tax constraints and environmental legislations were identified.

Finally, several business cases were designed and developed for potential investors .

The methodology combined a mix of import/export trade assessments, qualitative data, market evaluation with users and producers and quantitative information.

Conclusions, solutions and recommendations were finalized in different investor business cases aimed at re-capturing paper packaging markets in a high growth context.

Visibility and the "domino effect"

Visibility of a breakthrough product is essential in our ever more marketed society.

Trade and industry press relay market information, trends and innovations to decision makers. Prizes and awards also contribute to a visibility campaign.

P&G asked us to coordinate such an action to promote their new “Dosing Cap” for Mr. Propre / Flash household product.

Different magazines were selected in order to a focus on a proper adequacy of readership and the various features of the product : packaging concept, material and closure.

The first published articles in renowned magazines played an obvious domino effect, adding credibility and robustness to their innovation.

Risk management assessments for the world leader of aseptic brikpack in two asian countries

We conducted risk management assessments of aseptic carton packaging production operations in Japan and China. Quality management, food risks, legislative and regulatory compliance were at the center of these evaluations.

The first project covered a mega-plant with 4 different high technology manufacturing processes.  The second site beared a significant production volume with a key role in export.

Technology scan and discovery - global FMCG leader

This discovery project aimed at identifying and evaluating targeted technologies in the packaging sector to create a development pipeline of technical enablers.

The exploration phase identified a series of existing technologies inspired by tangent industries.


The project harvested a series of future technology opportunities which will need additional time, development and validation stages before reaching their industrial commercialization.

Packaging opportunity assessment

We were asked to provide an in-depth market trends and opportunity analysis for a private equity company.

Based on industry insights and our knowledge of the sector, market and operational risks were reviewed and assessed during the due diligence phase.  After the acquisition, we have been consulted by our client to provide market and technology advise. SMS (short market scouting) missions have also taken place to track market evolutions on a regular basis.

Commercial due diligence of a multi-site packaging operator

Prior to a loan of 25 Mio Eur, a banking institution asked us to conduct a commercial due diligence.

After a focused market potential overview, the growth strategy was assessed and the company projections validated. 

The strength of the company’s purchasing power was also compared against the competition.

  Finally, an evaluation was made on the company’s capability to protect and enhance its added value for the years ahead.

Diversification strategy of a glass production operator

The project aimed at bridging packaging needs for diversification with agrobusiness expansion opportunities.  We identified a series of possible synergies between major packaging and food industry players.

Investment in a flexible bottle and jar glass line was a tangible result of this matchmaking project.

The markets of sauces and condiments, converted fruit, jams and local products will be the first businesses to benefit.

Business development and food safety systems certification

In the context of higher consumer protection requirements linked to tighter hygiene standards and legal obligations, we assisted a dozen packaging companies to reach the stringent BRC-IoP global standards.

From local medium-sized to global players, these evaluations included real and potential risks linked to their internal processes and infrastructure.

These companies are heavily exposed to international trade : these standards will enable them to strengthen their market position or enter specific market segments where the highest standards of consumer protection are a real must.

Crisis food safety assessment european packaging company

After a product recall, a major fast moving consumer goods company asked us to assess their supply base with a full independent perspective. 

In light of the latest EU GMP regulations and operational standards, we developed a diagnosis and evaluated the supplier base.

Recommendations were built to make their system more robust and less exposed to operational risks.