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- Futerro, placating the doubters

The future is recycling for one PLA producer. Dominique visited the company’s plant in Belgium to find out in EcoPip , March 23

- Is the grass greener?

The European Green Deal and how Dow is plying its role in the equation. Itv of Carolian Gregorio in

EcoPIp January 2023


- China’s poker face

Major challenge in packaging are on the way in China’s beauty market, but are they pretty? Review from Dominique in Pip April 2022


- Sticking to themselves

And so avoiding waste, linerless labels are emerging players in the packaging market. But are they worth the hype, or are they just the latest marketing fad from the label industry? Dominique Huret attended an Alexander Watson Associates seminar. In  Pip February 22

-Tailored for a new era

the label industry has weathered the global pandemic ans prospects remain good, despite the cost challenges ahead. Dominique reports for Pip in April 22

- Drumming up business

When 12,585 parts work as one system, you get an injectiob-stretch blow moulding machine produced by Cypet, Cypriot machinery manufacturer. Dominique  reports in Pip June 2022

- ePac Flexible outstanding business model.

To describe ePac Flexible Packaging’s business model as copy-and-paste would do it an extreme injustice but the converter’s growth story is interesting. Jean Schrurs met the team in France and report in Pip March 22

- Home Schooling for Cofresco.

Dominique Huret asks if there is a household revolution in progress for in-home food packaging, read in Pip January 2022

- A will and a way for P&G

With several collaborative projects in progress, along with its own corporate strategy, one global brand owner is pushing ahead on several fronts. Dominique Huret talks to three of the company’s R&D and sustainability heads about the future of its packaging. Read in Pip August 2021

- Fast forward Asia

The Asian cosmetics sector continues to gain ground on the global market, South Korea has become one of the world’s most dynamic and influential beauty markets.With a turnover in billions of euros, it is only behind France and India in market size, while the country’s per capita consumption of cosmetics is the largest in the world. At an average of more than 20 products per month per person, that represents huge potential for growth and innovation in packaging.

Dominique Huret talks to four of its market leaders in Pip June 2021

- Press gang

Brand packaging is becoming increasingly uniform, and the same is true for most labels. With similar consumer tests, sources of inspiration, methodologies and processes, we get uniform design across the vast majority of packaging.

In an age of standardization, are digital labels the darling of the shelf for consumers and producers? Dominique Huret talks to key industry players in France in Pip July 21

- America bats its lashes

After recent features focused on France and South Korea, the next part of Plastics in Packaging’s world tour of the cosmetics packaging industry sees the spotlight turn to North America.

Dominique Huret talks to four major players in the North American market : Albéa, KDC/ONE, SGB and WWP. See our article  in Pip august 21

- French: digitally remastered

Has the pandemic proved a game-changer for flexible packaging in France, and which consumer categories are the winners and losers? These were the topics on the table at the Paris Colloque. Report from Dominique Huret  in Pip April 2021

- A new road for sustainable PS

Three partner companies have made a joint step forward to support the development of sustainable PS recycling. But are they ready for a big leap forward, or is it baby steps? Dominique Huret talked to Intraplas and finds out in Pip April 21

- Keeping their powder dry

When Clariant sold its healthcare packaging business to a private equity buyer in 2019, Airnov a new French converter was born. Dominique Huret reports Pip January 2021

- Snap adaptations to a new wave

The global health crisis has imposed new constraints on almost everything, and the cosmetics industry is no exception The testing of make-up and perfume products at point-of-sale is being revised to guarantee maximum consumer protection, and the packaging has had to follow. Arcade Beauty is leading the way. Dominique investigates in  Pip Sept 20

- Squeeze for the best

Known for packages used for ‘extemporaneous’ mixtures in the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics sectors, Coradin, French injection moulder is finding new ways to innovate. Headquartered close to the Italian border, it specializes in the development of injection-moulded products for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries. 

Dominique Huret reports Pip July 2020

- Aya ready?

In the push for eco-friendly packaging, an ‘end-to-end’ solution that has been thought out down to the last detail is the Holy Grail for converters and brands. Sidel’s concept brainchild – AYA – recently scooped the top prize in the Best Drink Design category of the World Food Innovation Awards 2020. 

Dominique Huret found out more about this Sidel innovation.See in Pip June 2020

-Smart thinking

The chief executive of Texen CMSI French injection moulder details the great balancing act between unique and standard in the beauty packaging sector. Take a journey around Lyon and Bourg-en-Bresse and you’ll discover France’s ‘Plastics Valley’. Nicknamed by an American journalist in reference to California’s Silicon Valley, it contains the highest concentration of specialised plastics companies in Europe..Dominique Huret reports November 20 Pip issue

- The extra mile

A dedication to R&D has taken Lintec,  the Japanese company into low-migration and biomass-containing labels. Dominique Huret visited the company’s headquarters to find out more. In Pip May  2020


RecyCan: pushing recycling’s boundaries to the limit

At the end of February 2020, Interpack was still on and Hoffmann had still

planned to introduce RecyCan Recycled steel-based Tinplate Packaging at the

show. CanTech shared the preview of this innovation at the time. Now that the

show is postponed, Dominique Huret takes a deeper look at this development in Can Tech April 20


- Covid-19 causes acceleration in Bonduelle’s canned food retail

One of the many lessons that consumers will remember from the Covid-19 crisis is that ready-to-eat vegetables have many virtues. Among interesting financial figures, Dominique Huret examines Bonduelle’s canned food business. In Can Tech May 20

- From resilience to reimagination

Charting the path of the portion pack during Covid-19 times, the chief executive of Cobelplast, a Belgian sheet extruder shares his enthusiasm for innovation with Dominique Huret , in Pip Sept 20


 -How is NeoTube, plastics tube manufacturer adapting to changing

customer demands? If one thing is certain when it comes to tubes: you can make them from a variety of materials. Swiss firm Neopac – part of the Hoffmann Neopac group – knows that better than most and has developed a raft of options for its client base. Dominique Huret finds out , see in Pip Sep 20

- Paws for thought

With a brand new factory in the middle of Kentucky’s ‘Japanese Valley’, Takigawa is aiming at turning profits from pets in North America.Dominique Huret visits the new plant and reports in Pip January 2020 issue.


- Blurred lines

When is a label not just a label ? When it is also a drinking cup. And that was not the only innovation blurring the boundaries between labels, flexibles and rigid packaging at Labelexpo Europe.Dominique reports in Pip December 2019.


- Big in Japan

Purported to be Japan’s first creative agency specialising in brand vision and identity, Bravis now has three subsidiaries in Asia and four sales offices.Dominique Huret spent a day in Shibuya with its chief executive. February 2020 issue of Pip.


-Radical thinking

As exhibits go, one Belgian company’s dazzling mannequin was definitely a showstopper at a recent Paris event, and its special-effect coatings and paints are bringing the Avant-garde to packaging.Dominique Huret reports in  Plastics in packagin June 2019.


- From recycled PET to ‘code for luxury’.

Converting recycled plastics bottles into luxury packaging is an admirable ambition, but one French company is making it happen . Sin Rejac story in Pip September 2019.


- Plastics picnic at Hanging Rock

As PureCycle’s ultra-pure recycled polypropylene resin prepares to scale up, Dominique visits the company’s plant in Ohio to find out how it works.October 2020  issue of Plastics in Packaging.


- The future is not a gamble

Major brands are working hard in order to innovate and unleash the circular economy of plastics.Dominique Huret visits Procter & Gamble’s US headquarters to find out more about its initiatives. Plastics in Packaging, January 20.


- No smooth sailing ahead ! 

The packaging voyage has been a rocky one in recent months, with choppy waters and a fair number of sharks circling. But printed packaging is one market that remains buoyant, as Dominique Huret explains iin Pip June 2019 magazine.

-From pouch to pooch - Two years ago at a large European exhibition, a Japanese converter promoted high-quality bags and stand-up pouches to the intern ational market. That company is about to open its first North American plant.Dominique Huret visited the company and told the story in Plastics in Packaging March 2019 issue.

- Dynamic Albanian paper trader explores new avenues in world trade- Albania is not a country reg­ularly under the spotlight, even less so in the business world. Dominique met a very enthousiast and competent management at Algrafika, paper trader close to Tirana. Report in AllPack Hellas, November 2018

- Expansion with smart logistics- Turkish can maker Sarten has been setting up fabrication plants in Europe to better serve its customers cost effectively. When sustainability is taken seriously. See Dominique Huret’s article in the CanMaker February 2019 issue.


- First response- Why Niko Dhondt from St Luc Packaging sees his company as the go-to supplier for all printing needs. Dominique reports for Pip, in November 2018 issue.


- Prize winners-  Award recognition, capacity expansions and a commitment to flexographic printing have enabled Belgian converter Bastin-Pack to become as flexible as its packaging. Dominique Huret in Pip December 2018 magazine.


- Sustainable pulp packaging

Sabert Belgian thermoformer is producing Be Pulp a 100% compostable packaging, but the company is also proud of its double diversification, as can be read in this article of Dominique Huret. September 2019 issue of Plastics in Packaging.

-Apples, pears, bananas - Is direct coding an eco-friendly solution to save plastic packaging ? Plastic packaging may be a thing of the past for several organic product in European supermarkets.

Dominique investigates in Plastics in Packaging December 2017 issue.

- Secrets of a serial innovator - More than a centura old, the Suntory Group is much more than a brewing and distilling company in Japan. Dominique has the story in Plastics in Packaging, January 2018 issue.

- Hand-in-hand - Economy and ecology are going hand-in-hand when it comes to recycling and recovery in Belgium. This Suez factory is close to a market of 25.000 tons of PP and HDPE waste streams coming from the SarLorLux region.

Dominique Huret reports on how value is created from PP and PE scrap in June 2017 issue of Plastics in Packaging

- Leaking out evolution - Paul Hill and Dominique Huret report from the drinktec show. Among others, they focus on Sidel EvoBrand enabling ultimate differentiation of bottle decoration and on Serac/Coveris single stage bottle. More in Plastics in Packaging November 2017 issue.

- Natural fit - Operating on a "glo-cal" scale, the Danone Packaging Research Centre in France is ensuring close links between bottled water packaging, sustainability and innovation, as Dominique discovers during a visit to Evian-les-Bains in Plastics in Packaging August 2017 magazine.

- Mastering the art of labels - With Lintec's recent acquisition of Mactac Americas LLC still fresh, some of the Japanese company's top executives at its Tokyo headquarters talk about their expansion plans and their latest innovations. Dominique reports on Lintec in Plastics in Packaging March 2017 issue.

- Early adopter or trendsetter ? - When digital printing meets customization, the potential is seemingly endless. But is that potential for now or later ? Pira reports digital printing markets expect an amazing 68.3% growth in sales by 2018. Read Dominique's report in Plastic in Packaging February 2017 issue.

- Out with the old, in with the new : natural flavours and aseptic filling - A BeNeLux‘s major soft-drinks producer has recently started an aseptic bottling line for the production of a new generation of drinks using natural ingredients in PET bottles. Dominique Huret reports from Spa. Read the story in the June 2016 issue of Plastics in Packaging.

-Innovating by skipping Stages - Three significant developments at a recent event shared one thing in common : the elimination of a stage in the value chaine. Are we witnessing the future of many innovations to come ? Cape Decision reports in Plastics in Packaging, January 2016.

- Unisensor, Technological Passion and Flair for the Sake of Environmental Conservation - Visionary entrepreneur, Dr Günther Krieg is interviewed by Dominique on his lifetime achievements. Find out more in Drink Technology and Marketing.

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Packaging follow

- Hewlett Packard : Hungry for Food - Ready to take a share in the printing of flexible food packaging, the press manufacturer sees a bright future for digital technology. Dominique was in Tel Aviv for this report in Plastics in Packaging.

In pursuit of Yoki-Monozukuri  - Packaging contributes to society in Japan, more than in any other country.  Dominique finds out how the "yoki-monozukuri" concept has helped Kao reach new levels.  More in Plastics in Packaging.

- Invisible markers identify plastics in waste stream - Dominique's contribution in Labels and Labeling, May 2016. in Labels and Labeling

- Egyptian packaging and food processing industry are weathering the turmoil - Find more of our analysis in Food Marketing and Technology

- House of packs - A front runner in the product household market unveils a dispensing closure featuring 3 consumer benefits.  More in Drink Technology +  Marketing

- Breakthrough Innovation : Drinktec kept all its promises ! - Direct digital printing attracted a lot of attention due to its ability to allow container customization and flexible operation.    Dominique reported for Plastics in Packaging   

- Food safety is a hot issue...  and yet our food has never been as safe.  Japan LRQA CEO explains how food certification can help restore consumer trust. 

Dominique reports for Food Marketing and Technology.

- Is this the end of Japanese packaging fun ? -   If the 2011 earthquake has left the country with insufficient packaging suppliers for its food industry, it has also led industry and consumer to adjust to the 21st century's new challenges.  Dominique finds out more in Food Marketing and Technology.

- Snow business -  When East entrepreneurs meet West expertise, the future is bold.     With major investments planned, one Mongolian beverage producer is bold about its future.   Read more in Plastics in Packaging March 2013 issue.

- No more bottlenecks  - Looking back at Cape Decision's achievements in the beverage,  food and packaging industry around the world.  In its summertime 2013 issue, an English speaking business magazine recaps.


- PET Packaging is King in Mongolia - Read the "Next Steppes" for Vitsamo, fruit juice producer.

(See paper of April 2012 issue of Plastics in Packaging).

- Moment of Truth - More than two thirds of new products fail to meet expectations. So it is vital to reduce errors and increase speed to market.

See paper of March 2011 issue in Plastics in Packaging.

- On your Marks ! - Building a strong brand with good packaging is hard work and involves money, sweat and hopefully not too many tears.

See paper of January 2011 issue in Plastics in Packaging.

- From Beer to Eternity - Could the 'all-in-one' concept be the ideal solution for beer in PET bottles ? See paper of January 2010 issue 99, Plastics in Packaging.

- Barrier PET for sensitive products - Juice, beer and dairy products : would functional barrier PET be the ideal solution for best quality and shelf life ?

See paper of August 2008 issue in Plastics in packaging 

- Caps and closures are heading up for innovation - The market for caps and closures goes through dramatic changes. See paper of the March 2007 issue in Plastics in Packaging.

Food and drink

-A Belgian confectionery masterclass

As this year’s World Confectionery Conference draws ever closer, food and drink journalist Dominique Huret offers an exclusive behind the scenes on the region’s confectionery sector. Report in Confectionary Production magazine Sept 22

-Healthy, sustainable plus affordable: a challenging equation for snacks

Italian creativity and vitality were back in full at the recent Ipack-Ima exhibition at Fiera Milano in Milan. After scouting the fair, looking for innovation in the snack segment, Dominique Huret from Cape Decision discusses the latest innovations in processing and packaging .Read in Food & Drink Production, August 22

-The world belongs to those who dare

and…were on stage.After a two-year break, ProSweets, one of the world’s leading trade fairs for sweets and snacks, was back in Cologne, Germany, staged parallel to ISM. Dominique Huret at Cape Decision, Belgium reports for Food and Drink Production, March 22

-Coffee helped raised adults’ negative moods during Covid

A new pan-European study reveals heightened concern about the mental health impact of Covid-19 lockdowns and associated restrictions. The survey, funded by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC), explores the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns and associated restrictions. It found that nearly two thirds of adults expressed concern about their worsening mood; two times higher than those concerned about physical inactivity. Dominique looks at the key points in Tea and Coffee Trade, June 21


- When Coffee is in your DNA

Belgian coffees bears many flagship brands. But today these market giants have to rely on the craze for specialty coffees. Dabin is an outstanding one. Emmanuel Dabin's story started in Africa. He was captivated by his great-grandfather's stories of plantation of the first Arabicas in Congo.

Dominique from Cape Decision reports in Drink World T&M, June 20

- Art of Chocolate : Belgian Masterclasses for Chocolate Professionals.

It is always refreshing to meet enthusiast entrepreneurs. Laurence Koutny is definitely one of them ! Dominique interviews her in Food Marketing & Technology, February issue.

-Traditionally, Suntory meant whiskeys - Now for many Japanese consumers it is teas, while overseas it is their sodas that are well known... No wonder, the Suntory Group is a giant and a serial innovator in all drink categories, as Dominique reports in DT&M 2018.

- Pâtisserie Masmoudi : Charm and Finesse of the Middle East - Tunisian pâtisserie Masmoudi offers a very nice story, combining tradition and modernity. This story tells more about the high-end product yet not well known in Europe. The full story is in Food Technology and Marketing - June 2015.

- Japanese consumers crave for functional drinks - The country is often considered as the home of healthy food innovation, maybe due to Yakult’s entry into the market around 1935 already. Later, the Foshu system or Food for Specified Health Uses started to strictly regulate the claims. Today the market is flooded with all sorts of products. Dominique reports in March issue of Drink Marketing and Technology.

- Waterloo - the Beer of Bravery at the Core of major historical Celebrations in Belgium - The battle and the beer have always been closely linked. Giving strength and vigor to soldiers once upon a time, the range of Waterloo beers was everywhere during the bicentenary festivities. Drink Technology and Marketing, June 2015.

- Water footprint on the industrial agenda - After "energy" and "carbon footprint", "industrial water" is now the new focus. Dominique reports for Drink Technology and Marketing. Read more in Drink Technology + Marketing

-East meets West - When East entrepreneurs meet West expertise, the future is bold. Read the Vitsamo update in the March/April 2013 issue of Plastic and Packaging, The Filling Business and Drink Marketing and Technology.

- Water & Health - For Water in the Spotlight (6), Dominique examines the close links between hydratation and Health. See paper in Drink Technology + Marketing September 2012

- A stunning supply chain on Genghis Khan's footsteps - How Vitsamo delivers quality fruit juice to Mongolia. See paper of June 2012 issue in Drink Technology + Marketing.

- Water packaging (r)evolutions - Mainly a substitution of material over time.

See paper of November 2011 issue of Drink Marketing + Technology).

- Agrifood Belgium Showcase : A selection of Belgian's successful agrifood businesses present their update profile and innovations. See paper of June 2011 issue in Food Marketing + Technology.

-Water in the Spotlight (3) : Water and culture - Around the world consumers are not buying bottled water for the similar reasons. Indeed, background and culture influence the way we consider our bottled water.

See paper of September 2010 issue in Drink Technology + Marketing.

- Water in the Spotlight (2) : Three categories of water - Careful about their food, many Europeans do not know much about the water they drink. Essential ingredients of bottled waters can deeply vary.

See paper of June 2010 issue in Drink Technology + Marketing.

-Water in the Spotlight (1) : Tap or Bottled ? - With numerous noisy campaigns targeted at bottled water and its impact on the environment, it is easy to be misled on bottled and tap water health/safety benefits.

See paper of November 2009 issue in Drink Technology + Marketing.

- Taste of Success for an exceptional Mineral Water - The independent Centro Europeo di Ricerca Acque minerali (Napoli) recently awarded its first European Mineral Water Quality Prize to Spadel.

See paper of July/August 2009 issue in Water Innovation.

Innovations & fairs ' reviews

- A drink to a bright re-launch

Dominique Huret from Cape Decision reports on some breakthrough in packaging and equipment specific to drinks at Anuga FoodTec 2022  in Food and Drink Technology June 22


- Moving target for food and beverage packaging.

With high-tech at the core, companies converged in Cologne to discuss today issues. Anuga FoodTec 2022, report in Pip August 2022

- The bold and the beautiful:

Considered the ultimate in luxury locations, Monaco played host to a recent packaging event that focuses on the prestigious. Dominique Huret reports from LuxePack show in Pip December 21

- Luxury Planet Packaging meets in Monaco

Ten best concepts of packaging in all materials from LuxePack Monaco October 2021. Review for PKN Australia November 21.

- A full house at ADF Paris 2022

The ADF Paris  marked the first Aerosol & Dispensers fair in over two years. Organised by EasyFairs, the event is rebranded Paris Packaging Week, with perfume, cosmetic and luxury drink events under the same one roof. Dominique report for  CanTech International July 22

- Cologne was Abuzz with Sweets

But coffee & tea were present also, as ISM shows returned. Report from Dominique in Tea and Coffee Production, March 2022


- Pushing packaging boundaries in Paris

Porte de Versailles, south of Paris, was the place to be in late January for anyone with a keen eye on trends in the premium packaging space. The annual ADF & PCD fair attracted 650 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors over two days. On assignment for PKN, Dominique Huret of Cape Decisions walked the aisles todiscover these gems. In PKN March 2020 issue

- Ideas flow at flagship show - On the eve of Oktoberfest, Munich attracts huge crowds, even more in drinktec year. Every 4 years, the global drinks and liquid food industry gets an innovation injection. Dominique Huret reports for Australian Food & Drink Business in this article.

Online short version for PKN Australia here

-The Silver Economy - Is French Packaging in step with the times or ahead of the game ? At the Paris Emballage fair, a committee of experts from major international brands discussed the key issues and trends driving the packaging industry. Dominique finds out more in Plastics in Packaging.

-Thirst for innovation

After a five year hiatus, Drinktec the world leading fair for beverage and liquid food industry returned to Munich. EcoPip  November 22


-PET players ramp up circular ambitions

Petcore review 2023 with PET value chain. Dominique and Jean report. In EcoPip March 23


-Recipe for food success.

Sitting within a sizeable cluster of suppliers to the food industry, Rennes played the host of the 26th edition of the CFIA exhibition. Article from Dominique in EcoPip July 23

-Packaging fit for a king @ Drinktec 2022

 It has been five years since the last Drinktec edition,50.000 visitors from 55 countries attended the Munich show. More than 1000 exhibitors are located in eight halls. A lot of equipment but not only, as industry leaders take the stage to showcase their packaging innovations. Dominique Huret reports for Food & Drink Technology, October 22.


 -Optimising the impact of Drinktec: right equipment for the right products

 Despite difficult conditions, there are good global prospects for machines and facilities that manufacture, bottle, and package beverages and liquid foods, according to analysis by the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) on Drinktec, the world’s biggest fair for beverages and liquid food. Dominique Huret reports for Food & Drink Technology, December 22.


 -What makes different generations in the UK pop a bottle?

 Reports from the fourth edition of Wine Paris-Vinexpo Paris, from Dominique in Food & drink Technology, March 23.


-Golden needles among haystacks

 At the world’s biggest show on packaging, Interpack, Dominique review innovative equipment for the snacks, food and drinks sectors. In F&D technology, July 23


-Ode to excellence in beverage equipment @ Drinktec 2022

 It has been five years since the last Drinktec edition… This is the world’s leading trade fair in beverage and liquid food. Not surprising then, that 50.000 visitors attended the Munich show, with a notable presence of visitors from the Indian subcontinent. With eight halls and more than 1,000 exhibitors from 55 countries, this remains an excellent place to meet industry leaders, discover innovations, and get insights into the beverage sector. Dominique Huret from Cape Decision reports for Packaging South Asia. October 22


 -Innovation in the European aerosol industry

 Dominique Huret, a freelance journalist, who was on the panel of the EuropeanAerosol Federation (FEA) Global Aerosol Awards 2022, gives The Metal Packager the rundown on some of the innovative aerosol products, which caught the panel’s attention. In the Metal Packager October 22


 -All4Pack Highlights a Host of New Packaging Technologies

 The AllPack Emballage Paris f air took place after a four year break due to the Covid pandemic. The edition recorded an big attendance of professionals from 80 countries, with numerous exhibitors  and brands  present.  The packaging show for equipment and productshighlighted new production modelsto reduce products and packaging waste.Tea & Coffee trade journal, January 23


-Innovation impresses in Italy

 As the first international packaging trade show to open its doors since the pandemic, IPACK-IMA staged a successful comeback at Fiera Milano in early May. Thousands of visitors crowded the halls eager to see innovative advances from over 1100 exhibitors hailing from 27 countries. Lindy Hughson and Dominique Huret walked the halls. PKN June 22


Others languages articles

-"Think global, act local"

interview of Eric Chartrain from International Paper.In December 2020, International Paper announced its intention to refocus on its refocus on its corrugated board and cellulose fibre business, transferring the other activies to the spin-off Sylvamo. What is today IP’s strategy. Find out in Dominique'sarticle in Deutsch in Verpakken

-Make a Mark
Initiativ som fokuserar på innovation inom spritbaserade drycker.
För att driva på intresset från stora varumärken och hela förpackningsindustrin, lanserades innovationsinkubatorn "Make a Mark" i samband med LuxePack Monaco, i september förra året. Denna samarbetsplattform syftar till att påskynda innovation inom området för vin- och spritförpackningar. Dominique Huret från Cape Decision hart tagit reda på bakgrunden och sett på några resultat.Nord Emballage Feb 22

-Winfried Muelhing NY for pro Carton ger sin vision om branschen.

En av fördelarna med pandemin är att ha möjlighet till djupgående diskussioner, även genom videokonferens. Winfried Muehling, världsmedborgare, man av övertygelse, artig och dynamisk, har nyligen tagit ansvar för Pro Carton, den europeiska sammanslutningen av pappers- och kartongtillverkare. Dominique Huret från Cape Decision fick en pratstund med honom. Nord Emballage

April 22

-Wij zijn geen voorstander van plastic bashing’

Winfried Muelhing sprak met journalist Dominique Huret van Cape Decision.
in Verpakken Management, June 22

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