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On trend: fashion meets innovation in Paris

ADF&PCD in Paris, held earlier this year, proved the place to be for packaging professionals in the perfume, cosmetics and premium food sectors. On assignment for PKN, Dominique Huret of Cape Decision shares highlights that caught her eye. See May June 2019 issue

Cross industry technologies

You would be hard-pressed to find any other industry as diversified as food, with its numerous and still proliferating product categories. There are today many cross-industry technologies and solutions available, as was widely evident

at Anuga 2018. 

Dominique scoured for Food and Drink Business May 18

When fashion meets packaging

Paris recently hosted a raft of awards, eco-tours, and innovations, and provided a platform for start-ups and indie brands at the ADF&PCD show.

Reports from Dominique in Plastics in Packaging March 2019

From pouch to pooch

Two years ago at a large European exhibition, a Japanese converter promoted high-quality bags and stand-up pouches to the international market. That company is about to open its first North American plant.

Dominique Huret visited the company and told the story in Plastics in Packaging March 2019 issue.

Dynamic Albanian paper trader explores new avenues in world trade.

Albania is not a country reg­ularly under the spotlight, even less so in the business world. Dominique met a very enthousiast and competent management at Algrafika, paper trader close to Tirana.

Report in AllPack Hellas, November 2018

Planning ahead

Representatives in the whole plastics value chain shared their vision for the transition to a more circular economy, and their insights on the industry’s way forward post EU Plastics Strategy, during December conference in Brussels.

Dominique Huret reports in Plastics in Packaging n°206

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Auditing a major American packaging converter

A leading FMCG  brand owner asked for a network of plants to meet the new BRC and AuditOne standard.  The scope covered printed food contact and secondary cardboard  packaging.   

Our  latest  projects

Supporting the Export a Regional Paper Trader

In the heart of the Balkans, the company aims at expanding his customer base outside of its national territory.    The focus was on export plans, supply strategy and financial  needs.

Evaluation  of EU funded Innovation Projects

 Innovation expert, Jean is a proposal evaluator for EC Horizon 2020 Programme. This is the biggest EU Research and Innovation initiative ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020).

Dominique joins the  International Packaging Press Organisation.  IPPO is a professional network of individual ediors, journalists and writers from around the world, covering packaging and the packaging industry from various perspectives.

Expansion with smart logistics

Turkish can maker Sarten has been setting up fabrication plants in Europe to better serve its customers cost effectively. When sustainability is taken seriously.

See Dominique Huret’s article in the Canmaker, February 2019

 First response

Why Niko Dhondt from St Luc Packaging sees his company as the go-to supplier for all printing needs. Dominique reports for Plastics November 2018

Prize winners

Award recognition, capacity expansions and a commitment to flexographic printing have enabled Belgian converter Bastin-Pack to become as flexible as its packaging. Dominique Huret in Pip n 206